Regional European Space Research Projects: SURE, GMES, BALKANSAT
L. Filipov

Astrophysical Spectroscopy of Extragalactic Objects - Research on Belgrade Astronomical Observatory /PPT file/
L.C. Popovic, D. Ilic

New Development of HyperLeda and MIGALE
P. Pruginel, V. Golev

Architecture and Security of Sofia Sky Archive DataCenter Network
M. Tsvetkov, S. Christov, D. Kalaglarsky

Star Complexes in Nearby Galaxies
G. Ivanov

Influence of Collision with Charged Particles on Spectral Line Shapes - Research on Belgrade Astronomical Observatory
M.S. Dimitrijevic

Space Reliability of the New Superconducting and Carbon Based Materials
S. Tinchev

Large Scale Structures in the Universe.III Analysis of Faint Galaxies in the Direction of the HERCULES Void
G.T. Petrov, J.W. Fried, A.Y. Knyazev

Radio Astronomy in Serbia: a Short Review
D. Uroshevic

First Results from the Coronagraph Observations at the NAO Rozhen
N. Petrov, P. Duchlev, J. Kokotanekova, B. Rompolt

Astronomical Station at the Mountain Vidojevica
N. Pejovic, Z. Mijajlovic

The Climate in Bulgaria during 19th and 20 Centuries by Instrumental and Indirect Data: Solar Modulated Cycles and its Evolution
B. Komitov, M. Dechev, P. Duchlev

Microlensing in the X-ray band of lensed QSOs
P. Jovanovic, L.C. Popovic

Rotation of the Mass Donors in Symbiotic Stars
R. Zamanov, R. Konstantinova-Antova, C. Melo, M.F. Bode,
A. Gomboc, R. Bachev

Contribution of Belgrade Astronomical Observatory in Establishment of Modern Reference Frames
M. Dacic

Structures in the Coma of Comet C/NEAT (2001 Q4): Observations and Models
G. Borisov, T. Bonev

Red Supergiants and Extinction Law in the Large Magelanic Cloud Galaxy
P. Nedialkov, A. Valcheva, I. Stanev, P. Dimitrova