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Баллистический редактор Орбита
Мегавселена Моят свят на науката
A Linux Distribution for Astronomy
AidaVOWS2009EsaDALToolKit < EuroVOAIDA/AidaVOWS2009 < TWiki
AIPS++ Home Page
APLpy (incl. FITS) Home Page
APT Training Materials
Around Physics and Astronomy - Java
ASAP-spectral line analysis
ASC Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes
Astro - macros
ASTRO-Update the Latest in Astronomy Software
AstroBetter — Tips and Tricks for Professional Astronomers
AstroGRID - AboutAGDesktop
Astrogrid - Redshift maker
AstroImageJ (AIJ) - ImageJ for Astronomy
AstrOmatic software –
AstroMB Computer Aided Astronomy
Astrometrica Shareware
Astronomer's Proposal Tool
Astronomical Image Retouching
Astronomical Software Resources - Moore observatory
Astronomical Tools and Software
Astronomy - Free Downloads of Astronomy Software
Astronomy and numerical software source codes
Astronomy Formulas by James Q. Jacobs
Astronomy free software
Astronomy Java Applets
Astronomy net-articles, forums, listings, and other resources about Astronomy
Astronomy Reduction Guide - CKarthick
Astronomy Software - Freeware, Shareware, Commercial
Astronomy Software List - Freeware, Shareware, Commercial
Astronomy software servers-NRAO
Astronomy Tools
Astrophysics IT Help Page
Astrophysics Source Code Library - Wikiversity
ASTROTIPS.COM all & only about software downloads for amateur astronomy
ATNF Miriad Data Reduction Software
Audela est un logiciel d'astronomie libre et gratuit
Basic CCD image processing
Baum's AstronomicalSoftware
CACTUS comp. toolkit
Calendar Converter - 3940 Days
CalSky-Calculate Sky for You
CCD Cameras and Image Processing Software
CCD spectroscopy-Mais Obs
CfAO StarFinder
CIAO X-ray Data Analysis Software
CinePaint — Open source deep paint software
Cloudy – Trac
Cloudy_3D web pages. (Cloudy_3D)
Comet for Windows - Play with New Data on the Internet
Convert Latitude Longitude in Degrees Minutes Seconds to from Decimal (FCC) USA
Cora line fitting tool
Cosmological simulations with GADGET
Data Reduction with ESO-MIDAS
David's Batch Processor - image resizer
Diffraction Limited & SBIG since 2014
DIPSO -- A friendly spectrum analysis program
Distro Astro - Release Notes - 2.0 Pallas
Doug Mink - SExtractor to find stars
DUSTY, Homepage
ESO - Eclipse
ESO - The Scisoft Software Collection
ESO DSS Batch Tool
ESO SkyCat Tool - Science Archive Facility
EStar project
Everything about MIDAS
FIGARO data reduction system
Fink - Package Database - skycal (Astronomer's almanac tools)
FITS Image Viewer Page
funastronomytour-PIPO for kids
FUSE satelite Instrument and Data Handbook
FUSE-IDL Software
GADGET - Cosmological simulations
GAIA - Graphical Astronomy and Image Analysis Tool-UK
GalacticSurf astonomy software
Galacticus project
Galaxy-Intergalactic Medium Interaction Calculation —
GALFIT Home Page
GALIASTRO - die astro-logische Software
GELATO - Generic Classification Tool
GELATO · Supernova classifications made easy
Gildas - Radioastronomy data analysis software
GIPSY, the Groningen Image Processing System
giv (fits)
Hallo northern sky planetarium software program
Hayden Planetarium-Digital Universe
HEASARC Software
Horizon Project
How Linux is advancing astronomy News TechRadar
Hr Trace
HST Software
HTML XML Conversion
HUBBLE-A short introduction to astronomical image processing ESA Hubble
Hydra Consortium
Hyperz photometric redshift code
ICUR spectral analysis package
IDL Astronomy User's Library
IDL Printing Utilities
IDL Programs - Michele Cappellari
IDL Virtual Machine for Sharing Numerical Data Visualizations from ITT
IDL-UVa astronomy
Image Processing Resources for Astronomy Teachers
Intro to Xvista
IRAF - Tips & Tricks
IRAF - Wikipedia
IRAF Project Home Page
IRIS-Spectroscopy, CCD and Astronomy-Buil
ISIS image subtraction
ISIS X_ray Home Page
Java Applets on Astronomy (Java 1.4)
Java Astronomy
Java Astronomy Applets
Java Astronomy Scripts
JAVA educational applets
JDK Development Tools
Julian Day-Java calculator
KStars-KDE Education Project
Leiden Astronomical Packages xmccd xmccd-3.0
Luminosity - Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram - NAAP
Mathematica Solution for Astronomy
Michiel Brentjens - fchart
microObservatory Image
midas_everything you have to know
Moore Observatory Astronomical Software Resources
Moore Observatory's Colorspec
Moore Observatory's XmCCD
NASA Software and Sample Data
Nbody simulations-Sverre Aarseth's Institute of Astronomy
Nbody6++ Features of the computer code - A manual for getting started
NEMO Stellar Dynamics Toolbox
NewStar manual: GBASE
Nightfall Eclipsing Binary Star Program
NightView – Freecode
NightView-for SBIG_CCD
NMSU Astronomy computing
Nova Astronomics - Earth Centered Universie Pro Astronomy Software
NOVAS software
Numerical Algorithms Group - astrolinux
Open star Clusters HRtraces
PANDORA: Radiative Transfer
PhAst: A flexible IDL image tool
PIMMS Home Page
Planetarium Software
Planetary imaging with IRIS
Plastic - the PLatform for AStronomical Tool InterConnection
PROFIT A Tool for Visualizing High-Resolution Spectra
pvm_xstar - for GRID
QFitsView DPUSER 3D spectrum plot
RATRAN Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer in Molecular Lines
Redshift 7 | Astronomy Software | Redshift live
Rennan Barkana - Codes Data
Roy Gal's Notes on SExtractor
SAADA Makes your Database From Yours FIT files
SAO Astronomical Software
SBIG Archives into Diffraction Limited
Science Software Applications
SExtractor 2.8.6 Notes
SExtractor Cookbook
SExtractor ftp
SExtractor Manual - Holwerda
Sherpa CIAO's Modeling & Fitting Application - CIAO 4.3 Sherpa v1
Signal and Noises
SImg Homepage
Sky simulation Astronomie et Astrophysique
SKYCAL - Sky Events Calendar
SkyCalendars - Kitt Peak
Skycat Programmer's Manual
SKYMAP Astronomical Mapping Program
SkyServer: About the SDSS
SkyServer: Project Teacher Guides
SNID by Stéphane Blondin 2
SNID-Supernova Identification (S.Blondin)
Software Bisque
Software Packages on ADPF-Caltech
soldan's software - cz
SPC - spectral line reduction program
SPECTRUM-a stellar synthesis program
Specview In Applet Mode
SpecView SCADA Software
SpeX - IRTF Medium-Resolution IR Spectrograph
SPLAT - Spectral Analysis Tool
st7ctl - Controller for the SBIG ST-7 CCD camera
Starburst99: Synthetic Properties of Starburst Galaxies
StarCalc Home Page [Russian] ver.5.73
starlight by cid fernandez - Google Търсене
Starlink WelcomePage
Starship Asterisk - Astrophysics Source Code Library
Starship Asterisk - GALFIT
Synspec Home Page
The Best Astronomy Software 2010ptions
The CHIANTI atomic database
The ESA/ESO/NASA FITS Liberator 3 | ESA/Hubble
The KAIT Home Page
The Karma Homepage
The S-Lang Statistics Module Page
The sky in your computer - Software for Linux
Time Calculator
Time Duration Calculator Time between two dates times
Tin Shed Observatory-AstroShed
Tlusty Home Page
TOPCAT - Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables
TUCOWS Linux Astronomy
Ureka! – A new easy-to-install IRAF + PyRAF
UW HPCC GROUP Picture Gallery with Tipsy
VirGO, the Visual Archive Browser
Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars Page
VisIt Visualization Tool
Visual Spec - home page
World Scientific-Astronomy
XEphem 3.7.5
XMM-Newton Data Analysis - SAS
XVISTA_Holtz Home Page
Your Sky
Company Seven | SBIG Model ST-8 and ST-8i CCD Systems
Company Seven | SBIG Products Index Page
Distro Astro - Select Download
K3's Astronomy Home Page
TheSky6 Professional Edition (Legacy Software) - Software Bisque
StarStrider planetarium software
eso-midas - TKU FTP Site //Linux/Debian/debian/pool/main/e/


Валерий Рубаков. Темная материя и темная энергия во Вселенной Темная материя и темная энергия
Вселената Най-странните неща във Вселената тъмната материя
Вселената е плоска и обвита в тъмна материя
Експеримент загатва за наличие на тъмна материя -
Живеем в плоска Вселена, изградена от тъмна материя Интересно Поглед Инфо
Може би е открита тъмна материя на Земята БГ Наука
Научная Сеть - Scientific Network
Темная материя и темная энергия Новая физика, сильное взаимодействие это квантовая гравитация
тъмна материя « Научен форум - Новини за наука, космос, материя и енергия, медицина, генетика, природа
Тъмната Материя - Ст.Загора
Astronet_ru-Соросовская Энциклопедия
Connecting Quarks with the Cosmos Eleven Science Questions for the New Century
CryogenicDarkMatterSearch Home Page
dark energy dark matter NASA
Dark Energy Survey
Dark Energy-huffingtonpost
Dark Matter and Dark Energy News
Dark Matter Awareness Week - 1-8 December 2010
Dark Matter FAQs
Dark Matter vs. MOND
NASA Science-Dark Energy, Dark Matter
ResearchGate-Dark energy & matter
The Dark Matter Crisis
WhyDarkMatter-Sadoulet Group_UC
YouTube - Dark Matter Awareness Week - The Movie
Dark Matter 'Hairs' Around Earth | NASA

AGN Watch
Astronomy Notes - Galaxies
Astronomy Plus CCD Images of Galaxies
Astronomy Supplement - Galaxies
Astrophysics - Galaxies and the Expanding Universe
Astrophysics & Space Research Group Opportunities for PhD Research in Astrophysics
Caltech Astronomy Palomar Observatory Galaxy Images
Colliding Galaxies - Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Cosmology Key Terms - Hawley'99
Dynamics and evolution of disc galaxies, Pushchino - 2010
Encyclopædia Galactica
ESO - Gas and Stars in Galaxies - A Multi-Wavelength 3D Perspective
EurekaEncyclopedia-Classification Of Galaxies
Extragalactic Articles
HST/WFPC2 Survey of Extended [OIII] Emission in Seyfert
Hubble Law Lab: Links to Clickable Images and Spectra
Hubble's Galaxy Classification System - The Tuning Fork - Space Art and Astronomical Illustrations
HubbleSite - NewsCenter - Galaxy History Revealed in This Colorful Hubble View (01 05 2010) - Release Images
IC 2591 - галактика - SKY-MAP
MSFR - starbursts - from nearby to high redshift
N5929-Cross Correlation Search
NED galaxies spectral database
Seyfert Galaxies
Shlosman - SyG-Database
Simulations of Galaxy Dynamics
Stellar Populations as Building Blocks of Galaxies - Home
The de Vaucouleurs Atlas of Galaxies - Cambridge University Press
The Galaxies Within Our Universe-Spirals
The Hubble Diagram-sdss
The Nearby Field Galaxy Survey homepage
Voids and Superclusters


Международный год астрономии 2009
European Astronomical Society (EAS) Pages
IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
IAU Comm. 35 - Resources
IAU Website Directory
IAU Website HOME
IAU Website IYA 2009
IAU XXVIth General Assembly'06 - Special Session SPS3a, b
IAU: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
International Astronomical Union - Symposiums
IY of Astronomy'09 - ESO Meeting 2007
IY of Astronomy'09 - Home
IY of Astronomy'09 - What is the International Year of Astronomy
IYA - US Node » Home
IYA 2009 Final Report
IYA2009 Final Report Executive Summary Astronomy 2009
JENAM 2007_2
New Commissions Organizing Committees (2015-2018) | IAU
IYA - US Node » Home
JENAM 2007_2
EAS e-News


Астрономически календар
Астрономический журнал
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics - Home
ARIBIB Astronomisches Rechen-Institut
Astronomer's Telegram
Astronomical Journal: Available Issues
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A)
Astronomy Notes
Astrophysical Journal - Available Issues
First Light Magazine - Newsletter
ISRN Astronomy and Astrophysics — An Open Access Journal
Journal Ranking and Average Impact Factors
Memorie della SAIt
METEORITICS & PLANETARY SCIENCE Journal of the Meteoritical Society
MSAIt - Table of contents
Physics of the Dark Universe - Journal - Elsevier
Springer-Physics and Astronomy
“A R A S N E W S”
Astronomy News - Space Science - Articles and Images


Buil-CCD spectroscopy, IRIS etc.

Buil-Design a classical spectrograph
Buil-IRIS_Spectroscopy, CCD and Astronomy
Spectroscopy, CCD and Astronomy

Keel-Galaxies and the Universe

Bill Keel's Lecture Notes - Galaxies and the Universe
Galaxies and the Universe - Components of Galaxies
Galaxies and the Universe - Dark Matter
Galaxies and the Universe - Dust in Galaxies
Galaxies and the Universe - Dynamics in Disk Galaxies
Galaxies and the Universe - Dynamics in Elliptical Galaxies
Galaxies and the Universe - Environmental Effects on Galaxies
Galaxies and the Universe - Extragalactic Distance Scale
Galaxies and the Universe - Galaxy Classification
Galaxies and the Universe - Galaxy Groups and Clusters
Galaxies and the Universe - Gas in Galaxies
Galaxies and the Universe - Global Systematics
Galaxies and the Universe - Interactions and Mergers
Galaxies and the Universe - Large-Scale Structure
Galaxies and the Universe - Star Formation in Galaxies
Galaxies and the Universe - Starburst Galaxies
Galaxies and the Universe - Stellar Content of Galaxies
Keel - Interpretation of Emission Line Spectra

10 заповедей современной астрофизики Троицкий вариант – Наука
10 от най-странните неща във вселената
2006 Lecture Series-Black Holes
Астрономические задачи
БисноватыЙ-Коган Физические вопросы теории звездной эволюции
Гусев- Качественные задачи по астрономии
Искусство астрофотографии
Каменьщиков- Астрономические задачи
Каплан и Дибай-Размерности и подобие астрофизических величин
Книги на Астронете
Курт - Солнце и межзвездная среда
Машонкина-Задачи и Упражнения по Общей Астрономии
образователный сайт Григорьева Н.С
Постнов - Лекции по Общей Астрофизике для Физиков
Псковский-Новые и Сверхновые звезды
Расторгуев Определение кривой вращения и шкалы расстояний в Галактике
Соросовская Энциклопедия-Astronomy
Физика Космоса-86
Холопов-Звездные скопления
Черни дупки
Чернин- Темная энергия вблизи нас
Чернин-Физический вакуум и космическая анти-гравитация
Ян Хевелий-Атлас звездного неба
ADS Virtual library (Books)
An Introduction to Astronomical Photometry Using CCDs
AS4011 The Physics of Stars and Nebulae I

Ast161-2007 Lecture Audio Podcasts
Asterix - Introductory Astronomy
ASTRO 105 Class & Mod Astronomy SFASU
Astro101 - General Astronomy
Astro101 - Larson's PPT_Lectures
Astro101 - Michael's Course
Astro10G (Spring 2007) Homepage
Astro121 Summer 1995
Astro123 Schombert
Astro162 Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology
Astro162 (Prof. Pogge Wi2006)
Astro313 Web Links
Astro480 - Manuals
Astro553 4 Whittle's Extragalactic Astronomy
Astro5610 (Spring 2010) Lecture Notes Page
Astro871 - Spring Quarter 2003
Astrodynamics - Wikibooks
Astronomie Amateur - AstroSurf
Astronomy - Free E-Books
Astronomy - Wikibooks
Astronomy HyperText Books !!!
Astronomy Plus CCD Images of Galaxies
Astronomy-Shumen-Практически упражнения
Astronomy-Tutorial Links
Astronomy7B-2011-Video and Podcasts
Astrophysics II-04Schechter
Astrophysikalisches Praktikum
Behrooz Parhami
Classifying Galaxies
College-Level Astronomy Courses
Digital Dissertations - UMI ProQuest
Dust in the Universe - Google Books
Education Resources
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Encyclopedia of astrophysics - Scholarpedia
Exploring Black Holes: General Relativity & Astrophysics | Physics | MIT OpenCourseWare
Free Astronomy Books | Physics Database
Free Astronomy Books Download | Ebooks Online Textbooks Tutorials
Galactic Astronomy-lect
Galaxies - A Universe of Shape & Sizes - Introduction
Galaxy Transformations
Galileo and Einstein Lecture Index
General Astronomy - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
General Relativity - Wikibooks
Graduate courses - Grupo de Astrofísica UAM
Gurzadjan G.A. - The Physics and Dynamics of Planetary Nebulae
Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
Hubble Law Lab Links to Clickable Images and Spectra
Internet Cource
Introduction to Astrophysics - PeterT
Introduction to Astrophysics - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
IUPAC Gold Book - Sitemap
Jim Solomon's Astrophotography Cookbook
Kip Thorne-Spacetime Warps and the Quantum A Glimpse of the Future
konovalov- new physics
Level5-Extragalactic Articles
M.Richmond-Emission and Absorption Lines
Mathematica_demo - Astronomy
Mathematica_demo - Astrophysics
Mathematica_demo - High School Astronomy
Mathematica_demo - Solar System
Motion Mountain - The Free Physics Textbook for Download
Nature of the Universe - lecture
Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial
obzori 2004
Open cluster - Wikipedia
Peebles-Seeing Cosmology Grow - AnnRevA&Aph, 50(1) 1
Physics Lectures Physics Database
Public Education and Outreach-UCSD
Rastorguev- Лекции по Галактической Астрономии. 1-2
Rob Rutten's lectures
Scientific American Astronomy Articles
Sky Charts Download
SSI 2004 Lecture Schedule
Starbursts - from nearby to high redshift
Stellar Dynamics-lect
Stellar Evolution and Calibrated Photometry
String Theory, Black Holes, and the Fundamental Laws of Nature Dr. Andrew Strominger
Structure of the Universe
Surdin's Common Papers -Галилео Галилей и телескопа - Учител -
Telescopes In Education (TIE) - User Guide
The Data Analysis BriefBook
The de Vaucouleurs Atlas of Galaxies
The ESA ESO Astronomy Exercise Series
The Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics
The Origins and Evolutionary Status of B Stars Found Far From The Galactic Plane
The scientific requirements for Extremely Large Telescopes
UFN-obzori po astrofizika
Universe Today
UNIVERSE_6e - W.H. Freeman's Kaufmann Textbook Site
Varsity Notes Astronomy !!!online cources
VBOX7-Черни Дупки, Неутронни Звезди, Джуджета
Zharov - Сферическая астрономия


1998 Closed Research Opportunities
Катедра Астрономия
Department of astronomy
AAVSO - American Association Of Variable Star Observers
AInfo2016 SOC and LOC
AIPS++ Home Page
American Astronomical Society Home Page
Armenian Astronomical Society
ASC Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes
Astro-Wise - Home
Astronomical observatory "N.Copernicus" Varna
Astronomical Observatory-Trieste
Astronomical Society Rudjer Boskovic
Astrophysics Data Centers - NASA Science
Astrophysics Missions
Astrophysics-School of Natural Sciences
Australia Telescope National Facility
Baader Planetarium - Kurs CCD Technik links
Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory2
Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory
Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences @ UCSD
Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
Crimean Laboratory-GAISh
Current Research - Astronomy at UVa
Czech Astronomical Institute
Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory
Division of the Galaxy and Variable Stars
ESA Portal
ESA Science & Technology Astrophysics
ESA Science & Technology Euclid Science Team
ESA Science & Technology Gaia
ESO - ESO Newsletters
ESO - Gas and Stars in Galaxies - A Multi-Wavelength 3D Perspective
ESO - The European Southern Observatory Homepage
ESO User Portal
European Astronomical Society (EAS) Pages
Harvard Gateways
HEASARC Education & Outreach
HEASARC Scientific Resources
Home page del GAD - Gruppo Astronomia Digitale
House of Astronomy-Center for Astronomy Education and Outreach
Hydra Consortium
IA with NAO-obs_time
IA_ NAO:30_Years Eyes on the Sky
IfA - External Internet Resources
IMPRS HD | International Max Planck Research School for Astronomy and Cosmic Physics
ING - Isaac Newton Group
Institut d'Astronomie et d'Astrophysique
Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation
International Astronomical Union
l'Institut d'Astrophysique de PARIS
Laboratory of spectroscopy and photometry of extragalactic objects Home
Lowell Observatory
Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
NAO Rozhen Public Home Page
NAO-Rozhen - astron.sabitija 2012
NASA - Archive
NASA - SKYCAL - Sky Events Calendar
NASA - SWIFT Main Index
NASA ADS at SAO What's New with the ADS
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA Marshall Solar Physics
NASA Swift GammaRay Homepage
NASA-Hubble mission
NASA/Marshall Solar Physics
National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences
National Optical Astronomy Observatories
National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)
Numerical Algorithms Group
Observatoire de Haute-Provence (OHP)
OBSERVE - Keck Telescope Observing Information
Ohio State University-Department of Astronomy
Oklahoma City Astronomy Club
Optics from Custom Scientific
Orbiting Astronomical Observatories
OU Observatory
Paris Observatory
Pomona College Astronomy
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
SAO RAS home page
SBIG Santa Barbara Instrument Group
SDSS-Sloan Digital Sky Survey
SIRTF Public TOP Home Page!
Solar Physics Branch Home Page, Naval Research Laboratory
South African Astronomical Observatory
Space Telescope Science Institute Home Page
Staff of the Crimean Laboratory of SAI
Sternberg Astronomical Institute
Sternberg Astronomical Institute-Crimea
The CanadianADC Home Page
The Puckett Observatory
The STScI Digitized Sky Survey
Tuorla Observatory
UK Institute of Astronomy
University of Oklahoma - Physics and Astronomy
University of Oklahoma-COURSENet Login
University of Victoria - Astronomy -- A Window of the World Beyond
USNO Flagstaff Station
UW Astronomy Department
Video Archive: Full Dome | ESO
W.M. Keck Observatory Home Page
Spaceport - The biggest FREE online Space knowledge powered by Space Challenges
Астрономическа Асоциация София :: Обсерватория Андромеда
Observatoire du Puy-Sainte-Réparade
Virgo Consortium


(12) Надя Кискинова
Блог на Павел Николов Свръхнова
Ajiki Osamu Personal Page
Alexei Kniazev
Andrea Dieball
Andrew Benson's Homepages
Bill Keel's - Astronomical Techniques
Bill Keel's - Galaxies and the Universe
Bill Keel's Publication List
Boyko Bantchev Home Page
Bruce T. Draine's Home Page
Buil - IRIS_Spectroscopy, CCD and Astronomy
Chris Clowes's Astronomy Page
Cosmology | The Gruber Foundation
Dr. Guy Worthey, Washington State University
E. Sterl Phinney
Edmund Bertschinger Home Page
Fabio Governato UW Home Page
Francois Bonnarel
Frommert's Homepage-Messier, SEDS
Galaxy Morphology Home
Galin Borisov - Home Page
Gene Smith-astroedu
Gene Smith's HomePage at CASS, UCSD
Georgi PETROV homepage
GGCs database home
Hesser Astro Resource Page
Jessica D. Mink astro
Jim Gray-for SDSS
John Hawley's Home Page
John Taylor Southworth's homepage
Kenneth John Mighell: Home Page
Klypin A. - WEB page
Laurent Michel
Mark Whittle's Home Page
Martin White
Melinda Weil Webpage
Michele Cappellari Homepage
Milan Dimitrijevic Webpage
MOMCHIL's Data_jpg
Other pages of Rami T. F. Rekola
Paola Belloni-from MPIA
Paola Marziani
PAUL J. GREEN - Science Education Links!
Phillip Helbig
Photogallery by Pencho Markishky
PIXON - Rick Puetter's HomePage at CASS, UCSD
Prof. Edward L. (Ned) Wright
prof. R. Spurzem
Rastorguev - Home Page
Scott's Astronomy Page
Shlosman home page
Taylor and Francis Page
Terebizh Personal Page
The Nearby Field Galaxy Survey homepage
UVic CNOC Homepage
V.Surdin's Common Papers
Željko Ivezić

Virtual Observatory

AidaVOWS2009EsaDALToolKit EuroVOAIDA AidaVOWS2009 TWiki
Anthroposophie Forum - Bibliothek Astrophysik und Kosmologie
Astro-WISE - Howto's
Astronomical Spectroscopy and Virtual Observatory Workshop
Astrophysical Virtual Observatory
CfA Virtual Observatory
DALToolKitImages EuroVODCA TWiki
DcaJune2008ESOMEx EuroVODCA TWiki
Distant Galaxy Search Applying Astrogrid
ESA-VO Project - DAL Projects
EURO-VODCA 2008 workshop publ-MemSocAstrIt, 80, No.2, 2009
European Virtual Observatory
EuroVO Aida WP5 - Astronomical Infrastructure for Data Access
EuroVO-2007 Directory Listing For Software
EuroVO-DCA_WP6_review_26nov08-2.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Falkon AstroPortal
Institut d'Astronomie et d'Astrophysique
NationalVirtualObservatory demo 2004
Portal to the Universe
Saada Makes your Database
SampInfo - IVOA
SAO Telescope Data Center Archives
SEE-GRID VO organization and usage - EGEE-see WIki
SkyView Virtual Observatory
Sofia_workshop_jan08 EuroVODCA TWiki
Theory in a Virtual Observatory
Virtual Astronomy Lab
VIRTUAL OBSERVATORY Plate Content Digitization, Archive Mining and Image Sequence Processing - List of Speakers
Virtual Observatory - ESA-VO Welcome
Virtual Observatory - SAI Project
Virtual Observatory - TWiki
Virtual Observatory India
Virtual Observatory Program Online Protorype
VIRTUAL OBSERVATORY: "Plate Content Digitization, Archive Mining and Image Sequence Processing" - List of Speakers
Virtual Roentgen and Gamma Observatory VIRGO.UA
VO_VisIVO - Home
VOSpec Tool main page
VOSpec User Manual
VOSTAT Center for Astrostatistics
voview - Display VO Tables in a Web Browser - Google Project Hosting
WorldWide Telescope
WP6Newcountries EuroVODCA TWiki
SEE-GRID VO organization and usage

"слънчев часовник" - Google Търсене
(10) Skeptics in the Pub: Астрофотографията - наука или изкуство?
(13) #астрономия для всех - Facebook Search
(15) SpaceBG
(30) Physics-Astronomy
(45) Астрономически календар
(54) Exploring The Whole Universe
(99) НАО Галилео Галилей гр. Силистра
▶ Тайны Вселенной - Город плывущий в космосе - YouTube
10 загадок, скрытых в небесах : Троицкий вариант — Наука
1120 Most Cited Physicists 1981-1997
2006 NEON Summer School
2006 PACS - Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme Home Page
2012 Края на Света - Възможните Теории | Интересното
26 снимки, които ще ви накарат да преосмислите цялото си съществуване - сп. Обекти
Архив : Троицкий вариант — Наука
Астронет Глоссарий астрономических терминов
Астрономи наблюдават най-мощната експлозия след Големия взрив
Астрономи откриха огромна галактика, орбитираща около нашата | Свежа Наука
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Ето най-далечната галактика! (Видео)
Звездно общество - астрономически форум :: Преглед на тема - ТАЛ 150 П8?
Извънземните на Луната: нови доказателства (видео) | Непознато
Искам да знам
Искусство астрофотографии
Космическа Одисея - пътешествие до звездите...всеки ден
Национална образователна програма по астрономия в интернет
Обзоры препринтов astro-ph
Откриха най - далечната галактика - 2012-11-16 -
Откриха най-отдалечената от Земята галактика - 2012-11-19 -
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Програма за датите на православния Великден и свързани с него други празници в България
Российская Астрономическая Сеть
Свръхмасивна черна дупка поглъща Млечния път
Сензационните находки на Елиас Сотомайор | Астро Феномен
слънчев часовник - Google Търсене
Слънчеви часовници 7 част
Списание Осем-2012краят на света-Умленски
УНИБИТ: БАН - астрономи
Черни дупки
A COMPLETE Search for New Suns
A Hot Discovery of Some Cold Planets Space Scoop UNAWE
A Review of the Universe
A SETI Signal? | SETI Institute
A Universe In Time Images and Resources in Astronomy — Present & Historical © 1997—2009 K. Pinkela
About AstroPortal |
ADASS 99 Conference Proceedings
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AIP Conference Proceedings
Aladin Sky Atlas
Amateur Astronomers Association of New York
Apogee high-performance CCD digital imaging cameras
APS Journals - 2015 - General Relativity's Centennial
Art of Computational Science
ASPID Database
Asteroids 2001 - From Piazzi to 3rd Millenium
Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 1999
Astro - ASP-Astronomy Activities on the WWW
AstroAsciiData 1.1 User Manual
Astrochemistry VII – Through the Cosmos from Galaxies to Planets. 20 – 24 March 2017, Puerto Varas, Chile – IAU Symposium 332
AstroGrid - IVOA
AstroGRID - Presentations & Lectures
Astrogrid - Redshift maker
AstrOmatic - SExtractor forum
Astrometry and Astrophysics in the Gaia sky -
ASTRON: Overview | LinkedIn
Astronomers map a record-breaking 1.2 million galaxies to study the properties of dark energy | SDSS | Press Releases - Портал "Астрономия"
Astronomical Collection
Astronomical Library
Astronomical Library | Bibliothèque astronomique | Biblioteca astronomica
Astronomical Ring for Access to Spectroscopy
Astronomics & Christophers, Ltd.: Astronomical Telescopes & Birdwatching Binoculars
Astronomy Stock Photo Images. 23,956 Astronomy royalty free images and photography available to buy from thousands of stock photographers.
Astronomy - Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Astronomy at UVa - current research
Astronomy Catalogues for the Cartes du Ciel
Astronomy et al [PODCAST]
Astronomy FAQ - sci.astro
Astronomy in the Yahoo! Directory
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech Shortlist - Home Page
Astronomy-related Libraries
Astrophysics - NASA Science
AstroWeb: CDS Astronomy resources on the Internet
ATS home page
Basel Library of Integrated Spectra
Big Science with Small Telescopes
Calendar of Astronomical Events'2016 –
CALL Homepage
CASS/UCSD Public Outreach -- Astronomy & Astrophysics Education
CBAT MinorPlanetCenter ICQ Index
CDS catalogues VII
Cds-vizier-Catalogue Selection Page
Celestia Motherlode
Celestial Object Reference Network
Chandra :: Photo Album :: G11.2-0.3 :: August 17, 2016
CLASH: An Innovative Survey to Place New Constraints on the Fundamental Components of the Cosmos using the Hubble Space Telescope
Classifying Stellar Spectra - Printable form
Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble (CLASH)
Constellations - Slide Show, Photos
Cosmic Light 2015 Video Trailer - To celebrate the cosmic light coming down to earth (Bulgarian subtitles) | IAU
COSMOS Supercomputer - Home
Deep Sky Pedia
Distant EKOs
Division B | IAU
Division J | IAU
Earth Science - David Publishing Company
Earth-Size Planet Found In The 'Habitable Zone' of Another Star - NASA Science
Echelle spectroscopy
Eckart - astro
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Electronic Universe
Ephemerides and Orbital Elements
eprintweb - Author Index Eckart, All archive
Eric Agol, UW Astronomy
ESA Science & Technology: Euclid Science Team
ESky New General Catalogue
ESO Astronomy
ESO-1245 - Lost in Space: Rogue Planet Spotted?
European Telescope Strategy Review Forum
EWASS 2015
Final Results of NameExoWorlds Public Vote Released | Press Releases | IAU
Fire and Ice: A MESSENGER Recap - NASA Science
First Comet Close-Ups from Rosetta Spacecraft Reveal a 'Scientific Disneyland' (Photos)
Free Mag 7 Star Charts - Article
From Earth to the Universe Exhibition
funastronomytour- PIPO for kids
Galacticus project
Galaxy Morphology Home
Gallery of Planetary Nebula Spectra
GGCs database home
GigaPan VISTA gigapixel mosaic of the central parts of the Milky Way
GradHacker-The Unique Universe of Astronomy Grads
Gravitational waves, Einstein’s ripples in spacetime, spotted for first time | Science | AAAS
Grid Observatory
GSC-ACT files and information
Habitable Zone
Hamburg Objective Prism Sky Surveys - Online Access
Hubble 25 Anniversary
Hubble 25 Years | ESA/Hubble | ESA/Hubble
HubbleSite - Gallery - Behind the Pictures
IA_ NAO 30_Years Eyes on the Sky
IAU Astronomy Outreach Newsletter
IAU XXIX General Assembly - Honolulu 20150803-14
IC 1101 - Largest Galaxy in observable Universe
IEEE - Conferences & Events
If the Apollo 11 Moon landing had happened at your doorstep IYA2009 Updates Astronomy 2009
IfA - External Internet Resources
Image Unveilings Across Europe | ESA/Hubble
IMSA Astrophysics Distance Ladder
Index Librorum Liberorum
Integrated Spectra of Galactic Globular Clusters
Interactive NGC Catalog Online
John Taylor's grating spectroscopy reduction page
Kометa ИСОН
Lang astrophysical formulae springer - Download
List of large optical telescopes - Wikipedia
LX200 16" specific issues
Master Robotic Net
Millennium Simulation Project
Minor Planet Mailing List
MSFR - starbursts - from nearby to high redshift
NASA on Instagram: “Happy Birthday Hubble! 25 years & counting! 
Natural Sciences Library Astronomy and Physics Resources Libraries and Archives
Ned Wright's Javascript Cosmology Calculator
NEON observing school
Neptune's Moon Triton | NASA
New General Catalogue – Catalog of Objects in Deep Sky Objects
New Space Awareness Website Released in 11 Languages | UNAWE
NewStar manual GBASE
NGC objects - Wikipedia
NOAO Spectral Atlas Central
NRAO Image Gallery
Observa-DOME On-line !
Oklahoma NASA EPSCoR
Open cluster - Wikipedia
Open Cluster Database
Open Clusters and Galactic Structure
Open Directory - Science Astronomy Personal Pages
Open Star Clusters
Open Tel - Robotic Telescopes
Optical Guidance Systems Telescopes
Overheard in Tuscaloosa
Personal Sky Chart
Physics and Astronomy -
Portal:Astronomy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Portal:Cosmology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Prep Grant Round 1 Award Recipients
Project Pluto
NASA-Public Access to Results of NASA-Funded Research
Publications (IAA)
pvm_xstar - for GRID
QCUIAG - QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group
Quasars at all cosmic epochs (02-7 April 2017)
Recent MinorPlanetECs
SAO publications
Sarawak Skies - TG Tan
SAURON project - VI. Line strength maps of 48 elliptical and lenticular galaxies
SAURON Website
SBIG_CCD Accessories
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Science Gateway - Journal and Academic Rankings
Science with HST II - Electronic Proceedings - New Astronomy Reviews
Scientific American Astronomy Articles
SciLogs-Andromeda’s satellites
SciTech Astronomical Research
SDSS Data Release 7
SDSS SkyServer DR7
SEDS Messier Database
Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures « Astronomical Society
SIRTF Public TOP Home Page!
Sky and Telescope
Sky Maps & Star Charts
Sky Tonight
Skypix, news of the sky
Solar System Exploration: SSE Newsletter
Space Calendar (JPL) - From Satellites to Stars
Staff of the Crimean Laboratory of SAI
STAR The STAR Collaboration
StarryOrbits - Micasim
Stars: from collapse to collapse
StarWorlds - Astronomy and Related Organizations
structure formation bright side of the universe - Google Търсене
Telescope Reviews - Arakelian galaxies
The Milky Way and its environment - IAP 19-23 September 2016
The Milky Way Galaxy
The NASA Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)
The Nine Planets Solar System Tour
The Project | The Virtual Telescope Project 2.0
The Redshift 7 Product Family - Everything you need to know about Redshift
The Second NEON Archive Observing School 2006
The Top 7 Mad Scientists of All Time | Physics-Astronomy
Time Service Department
twirpx-Астрономия и астрофизика
UK Astrophysical Fluids Facility
UNAWE Newsletter June 2016
Universe in a Box Activity Book | UNAWE
University of Arizona Press - Protostars and Planets IV
University of Oklahoma-COURSENet Login
Upcoming Webinar: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Formation of Our Solar System
USNO Flagstaff Station
VI SBAC - pdfs
VI SBAC, Belgrade May 7-11, 2008
Videos | IAU
VII BSAC - ftp
VIII SBAC-Leskovac
Welcome to Heavens-Above!
What Is Easter and Why Do Christians Celebrate?
Wide-Field Plate Database - search
Wiley InterScience Journal Abstract
World Scientific
XXIX IAU General Assembly (DEV) | Honolulu Hawai'i, 3-14 August 2015
XXVth IAP Colloquium
Ya.B. Zeldovich All-Moscow Seminar of Astrophysicists
YouTube - Evolution of a star cluster
YouTube - formation of a star cluster
YouTube - Parabolia's Channel
Zooniverse - Real Science Online
Первые научные результаты от юпитерианской миссии НАСА «Юнона»

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
Beowulf Gigabit Eithernet Ring
China-TWGrid Portal
CRBLASTER a fast parallel-processing program for cosmic ray rejection
D-Grid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Data Analysis and Processing Techniques 1999
DEISA-Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications —
Dr.Dobbs Journal
EGEE Portal Enabling Grids for E-sciencE
EGEE Portal Glossary
Falkon-2 a Fast and Light-weight tasK executiON framework
First Astro-Grid Workshop
gLite EGEE
Grid computing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Grid Web Site - G-DSE index
GridTalk Project - Home page
High Performance Computing Training
Ian Foster: Many Tasks Computing: What's in a Name?
Incubator Falkon - Globus
Introduction to Parallel Processing Algorithms and Architectures Ebookee Free eBooks Download!
iSGTW - International Science Grid This Week
MATLAB Distributed Computing Server - MATLAB
MATLAB-Parallel Computing Toolbox
MegajobBOF main page
Message Passing Interface (MPI)
MTAGS08 Workshop on Many-Task Computing on Grids and Supercomputers
NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division
National Center for Supercomputing Applications Blue Waters,
Nimrod Toolkit
Open Science Grid Home page
Parallel Processing Text
RDF - Semantic Web Standards
San Diego Supercomputer Center
SEE-GRID applications
T2K Intranet
The Globus Alliance ToolKit
Unified Theory of Grid and Computing Clouds
VoIP Resources
Worldwide LHC Computing Grig


05PFlynn-Formatting information Index
Библиотека научной литературы-S_Software manuals ST_TeX, LaTeX
A Beamer Quickstart
A Gentle Introduction to TeX
A presentation using the LaTeX beamer class | one.more
AMS - What is LaTeX?
AmsTex and AmsLaTeX
Andrew Stacey :LaTeX: HowDidIDoThat
Astro - LaTeX
AZ: Jim Hefferon's web views of the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
Beamer (LaTeX) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Beautiful LaTeX tables with the booktabs package | - Your LaTeX resource site
Comprehensive LATEX symbol list
Configuring Texmaker USB With MiKTeX Portable
Create LaTeX Tables - Vim Tips Wiki
CTAN - tex-archive/info
CTAN web interface: Directory listing for /support/latex2html
CTAN web interface: package l2tabu-english
deluxetable etal
Deluxetable-Making scientific table with AASTex
Five Best PowerPoint Alternatives
Five minute guide to LaTeX | - Your LaTeX resource site
Gentoo Forums - [HOWTO] LaTeX Quickstart Guide
Get started with Latex on Linux - Stack Overflow
Getting Started with TeX, LaTeX, and Friends - TeX Users Group
Gruppo Utilizzatori Italiani TeX e LaTeX (GuIT)
GuIT & download- TeX & LaTeX
How to make a presentation with Latex - Introduction to Beamer - Latex - - Your LaTeX resource site
IguanaTex - A Free Latex Add-In for PowerPoint
Index of /dept/arc/docs/latex-thesis
Kile - an Integrated LaTeX Environment
Landscape in Latex | LaTeX Matters
LaTeX небольшая инструкция с примерами
LaTeX - PrattWiki
LaTeX - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
LaTeX – A document preparation system
LaTeX — Викиучебник
LaTeX — University Computing Service
LaTeX Beamer Themes
LaTeX Commands - AoPSWiki
LaTeX document in landscape mode
latex documentclass options - Seo Keyword -
LaTeX for Complete Novices
Latex Kurs Sommercampus 2009
Latex Kurse
Latex Poster-tutorial
LaTeX Presentations - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
LaTeX Resources
LaTeX Resources2
LaTeX Tabular « LaTeX and Miscellaneous
LaTeX Templates
LaTeX Templates Home
LaTeX Templates2
LaTeX tips-Björn Eriksson
LaTeX to GIF
Latex Tutorial
Latex Tutorial - Learn LaTeX in 30 Minutes, Writing a Scientic Paper in LATEX, Writing a PhD Thesis in LATEX
LaTeX-Templates and Sample Files
LaTeX: небольшая инструкция с примерами
LaTeX2e class for A&A
List of LaTeX symbols - LaTeX Wiki
LyX – The Document Processor
LyX wiki
LyX-wysiwig for LaTeX
Main page - LaTeX Wiki
Making TeX Work
MiKTeX Project Page
Norman Matloff's LaTeX Tutorial, Including LyX
PDFTeX support
PostScript and PDF tools under Gnu Linux
Preparing Your Thesis - Rensselaer Help Desk
riki_koen: Формат таблиц в LaTeX
Rob Ruttens-LaTeXe Help 1.6
Rob Ruttens-Recipes for latex and bibtex
RPI-LaTeX Information Page
RTF to LaTeX conversion | Free Development software downloads at
Sadao's LaTeX references
Table generator for LATeX
TeX & Co - russ
TeX & LaTeX documentation
TeX FAQ on the WEB
TeX Live - TeX Users Group
TeX Page - Corso
TeX Users Group (TUG) home page
Texmaker (free cross-platform latex editor)
TexMaker-LaTex for linux by AngleHit
TexPoint - A Latex Add-In for Microsoft Powerpoint and Word
The teTeX Homepage
The Writings of Leslie Lamport
TU/e - LaTeX, MiKTeX, WinEdt and GhostScript - Linux of Contents
Virens-Как оформить диплом в LaTeX? - Записки дебианщика
Virens-Набор таблиц в ЛаТеХе: Tables in LaTeX - Записки дебианщика
Virens-Обзор редакторов для работы в ЛаТеХ: LaTeX Editors and Integrated LaTeX Environments - Записки дебианщика
Virens-таблицы в ЛаТеХе: advanced tables in LaTeX
writeLaTeX: Online Collaborative LaTeX Editor with Integrated Rapid Preview


20+ Free Books To Learn Linux For Free
915resolution Intel Video BIOS Hack
БГ Офис помощник за Линукс (БГ Офис)
Журнал Linux Format - все о Linux по-русски
Линукс върху флашка Свободна Култура и Свободен Софтуер
Линукс за българи
УСУ – свободна операционна система
Cuneiform for Linux in Launchpad
A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (7th Edition) PDF Online - Video Dailymotion
AstroGarrobo Linux free
Example syntax for Secure Copy (scp)
FossHub - We support Open Source and Free software
GeeXboX HomePage
GNU Aspell
GQview - Overview
Gwenview Downloads
Home | Linux Journey
How to change MAC address - All about Linux
Intel Linux Graphics
kbgoffice - Revision 52
KDE - Getting KDE Software
KDE Education Project - Marble
kde-4.7.4 -ktown
LiMP 2.1 download - LiMP
Linux Archives |
Linux Classes
Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition []
Linux for Astronomy
Linux Info Page
Linux Links - The Linux Portal Software Scientific Astronomy
Linux Mint Community
LINUX Rute Users Tutorial and Exposition (Paul Sheer) PDF | Download book
Linux Softpedia Downloads
LinuxAstro Software
LinuxPackages View
LiveUSB Install - Linux on a stick!
Modules - Slax Linux
Printing from Linux
Publish or Perish - Anne-Wil Harzing
Publish or Perish on GNU Linux
Red Hat Fedora Linux Secrets - Naba Barkakati - Google Книги
Salix OS (Slackware based)
Scientific Linux - Welcome to Scientific Linux (SL)
Scientific Linux Live CD and DVD - Diskless Client - SL/RHEL
SeaMonkey Project
sed command help
Slackware хранилище
Slackware on Libra
slackware on unixsol
Slacky - The Italian Slackware Community - Home
Slax modules multilang
Sotirov SlackPack Packages for Slackware 13.37
SSH and SCP: Howto, tips & tricks
SUSE Linux Enterprise
Termbox-try LINUX in WIN
The 2SLAQ Website
The Linux command line : a complete introduction (Book, 2012) []
Ubuntu -- Пакети в „maverick-updates“, Под-раздел x11
Ubuntu – Details of package krusader in precise
Ubuntu – Ubuntu Packages Search
UNetbootin - bootable flash cards
USU (operating system) - Учи Свободен с Убунту
USU Desktop Features
usu-live-usb-installs programs
Utilities | - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives
VS Live GNU Linux
Wary Puppy Linux 5.1
Why Use Linux? Here's why you should use Linux!
WineHQ - Wine Application Database
YUMI - Multiboot USB Creator | USB Pen Drive Linux
zenwalk linux
Rambox : Free, Open Source and Cross Platform app for Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype and much more...
Ubuntu – Details of package mwm in xenial - Motif Window Manager
openmotif package 2.3.3-8 : Debian
Index of /debian/pool/main//e/eso-midas
Index of /debian/pool/non-free/o/openmotif



(2) Improve Your Excel
70 Free Excel Videos
Трите скъпоструващи грешки с Excel - Excel View Course
Bill Jelen Is Giving Away His Book For Free
Excel Step by Step Database Tutorial
Excel Tests
Excel2000 Tests
Free Excel Tutorials | Excel Tips
ImproveExcel on Twitter
List of Excel functions
Microsoft Excel Training Resources :: Microsoft Excel Training Links :: Microsoft Excel Training Help
Thank you | Improve Your Excel
time intervals in excel


actDEN (Digital Education Network) Software Tutorials and Online Courses
Free Online Courses
Free Online Learning
Freeload Press, Inc. - Free College and University Textbooks for Class
InDesign CS2 Tutorial - Video Training CD/DVD
InDesign Help
InDesign Styles in Depth
Indesign Tutorials | web3mantra
Introduction to Microsoft Office(r) (Instructor CD)
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101: Working with Words - Before You Start Free Tutorials, Training and Courses in Software, Computers, Finance, Business, Certifications
Linear Algebra: Contributions
Mathematics Archives - Lessons and Tutorials
Mathematics Archives - Lessons and Tutorials
Microsoft Publisher 2003 Tutorial | | Free Tutorial
Microsoft Publisher made Easy - The Beginning - YouTube
Online Courses Directory
Online Physics Courses
WebEE Tutorials
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1120 Most Cited Physicists 1981-1997
20 Видео урока по AutoCAD
АБ Интернет каталог Internet Catalogue
Български книжици
Детские энциклопедии для дошкольников и младших школьников
Електронен учебник по Икономическа иформатика
ЗНАМ.bg - Българският портал на знанието
Искусство перешивки BIOS. Часть шестая.
Мегавселена Моят свят на науката
МОН ПРОЕКТ ИКТ В ОБРАЗОВАНИЕТО, Домашен интернет за учителите
Научните чудеса | да изберем 10-те научни чудеса на България

Российское образование. Федеральный образовательный портал учреждения, программы, стандарты, ВУЗы, тесты ЕГЭ
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Статьи на

Учебная физико-математическая библиотека - EqWorld
Ученически и студентски практики

Федеральный портал Российское образование
Фундаментальная библиотека РГПУ им. Гeрцена
Academe Today
Academic Joy Every Researcher has a Story to Tell
AHAD-Centre for vocational education
Algebra-Based College Physics: Part II Electricity to Nuclear Physics
Applying the power of computer algebra to theoretical physics | Webinars | Physics Connect e-Print archive
Ask the Community - Computing.Net
atlas of ancient world - Google Search
AV(T) Lab - Russian Page
Babylon - Online Dictionary and Translation Software
Binary and Decimal Number Converter
Bulgarian-English translator
Certiport Sample Tests
CoinSoft-RU - бесплатные программы, утилиты и другое
CPCI - IP & Science - Thomson Reuters
DECIMAL to BINARY conversion, DECIMAL to HEX converter, Decimal to Hexadecimal convertor
Design Your Own Flash Website
DotWhat! - The leading File Extension resource
Education -
Education Resources
Electromagnetic Spectrum
EuroOffice Language Tools Professional — EuroOffice
Free Downloads Encyclopedia - Softpedia
Free EBooks Library
Free Linear Algebra textbook
Free Online Bulgarian to English Translators
Free Online Courses
Free Online Learning
Freeload Press, Inc. - Free College and University Textbooks for Class
funastronomytour-PIPO for kids
Future Now - Bulgaria
GAMS Guide to Available Mathematical Software
GeeXboX HomePage
Genius Mathematics Tool and the GEL Language
Global Language Network
GPU vs CPU? What is GPU Computing? | NVIDIA
Griphyn - Online Physics and Science Degrees
Home - Scientix
Import to Mendeley
Institute for Advanced Study
Isaac Scientific publishing
ISI Web of Knowledge [v.4.10] - All Databases Home
iversity Open Courses — Education for everyone
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101 Working with Words - Before You Start
Journal Ranking and Average Impact Factors
Linear Algebra Contributions
MacAnova Home Page
Mathematica 10 for Students – UDeploy Software Distribution
Mathematical Equations - EqWorld
Mendeleev table
N Square Challenge: Building a Nuclear Security Innovation Network
National Science Teachers Association
Nationally Coveted College Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships
NIBCO - Ahead of the flow
Numerical Algorithms Group
OALIB_Open Access Library
Online Courses Directory
Online Physics Courses
Open Directory - World: Bulgarian: Образование: Ресурси
PC School Индекс Style Created Freely By
Physics Graduate Broshures- Kieran - Реферати, есета, доклади, лекции, курсови и дипломни работи, теми, съчинения
PowerPoint in the Classroom
Public Education and Outreach
Public Lecture Podcast - University of Bath - Реферати, курсови и дипломни работи, теми по литература - Начало
Resource Detail - Scientix
SageMath - Help and Support
School Centers
Science and technology information from Scientific American
Science Publishing Group
Scientific method: Defend the integrity of physics : Nature News & Comment
Scientific.Ru-Междисциплинарный научный сервер
SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator
Scopus - Author Evaluator
Scopus - Google Adwords Authors - Landing page
Scopus Info - Scopus Overview - What is it?
Scopus Newsletter | February 2016 | Covering news, product updates, tips & tricks and more
Scopus Newsletter | March—April 2015 | Covering news, product updates, tips & tricks and more
Sequence Publishing - Downloads - BVProfiler, TheScribe, TheSage, GSL & AWL Wordlists
Shareware Connection - Education
Shu-bg Помощник по Информатика и Информационни технологии
SpringerLink - Journal Article - English-Bulgarian translator
System Requirements – Mathematica 9 | Welcome to the SERC Webpage.
Teen Учител
Text-to-Speech Synthesis
The Feynman Lectures on Physics Website
The National Academies Press
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT - Тестове за университети в САЩ и Европа
Translator's Heaven
Tranz_it - golemi failove po E_mail
TurnKey Joomla-model
TurtleBot 2: Unboxing and First Demo - IEEE Spectrum
Universal Workshop Home Page
Virtualna biblioteka-koronal
VoIP Resources
Web of Science - IP & Science - Thomson Reuters
Webinar: "State-of-the-Art High Time Resolution Astronomy - From AO to Pulsars"
William Trench - Trinity University Mathematics
World Digital Library - портал для веб-мастера
Writing HTML
Show Publications (World Scientific)


Astro - Statistical Consulting Center
Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Quality Control - STATISTICA Software
Demo Claroline 1.6.2
GAMS Guide to Available Mathematical Software
MacAnova Home Page
Mathematics Archives - Lessons and Tutorials
Psychological Statistics at SMSU
R-Project for Statistical Computing
SalStat Statistics Package
Sequence Publishing - Downloads - BVProfiler, TheScribe, TheSage, GSL & AWL Wordlists
STATGRAPHICS Plus Download -
Statistical Consulting Center for Astronomy Home Page
Statistics Homepage
StatLib---Applied Statistics algorithms
statportal -
The Data Analysis BriefBook
Psychological Statistics at SMSU