Pictures from Observatories, Astronomical Institutes, telescopes and other intersting things

Natonal Astronomical Observatory "Rozhen", Bulgaria
Belogradchick Astronomical Observatory, Bulgaria
        Kaleto,   Site_View,  the rocks,   ,  other, the cave "Magura"
Special Astrophysical Observatory - Russia
Crimean Astrophysical Observatory - Ukraina
Moscow Station in CRAO - Ukraina
Bjurakan Astrophysical Observatory - Armenia
Peking (Beijing) Astronomical Observatory - China
Astronomical Observatory in Kung Min - China
Shanci Astronomical Obsrvatory, Xian - China
Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanging - China
Astronomical Observatory, Shanhai - China
Tuorla Astronomical Obsrvatory, Turku - Finland
Hoher List Observatory - Germany
Actronomical Institutes, University of Bonn - Germany
Astronomical Institute of Ruhr-University of Bochum - Germany
Max Plank Institute of Astronomy, Heidelberg - Germany
Calar Alto Observatory - Spain Institute of Astronomy,
University of Helsinki - Finland

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