Project Individual galaxies - 1995 - ... (pdf - in BG). Head of the project (1995-2010) - assoc. prof. d-r Georgi Petrov

               Astrophysics of Galaxies and Systems of Galaxies.

        Physical processes and chemical abundance in galaxies, systems of galaxies and the Universe are investigated. Photometry and Surface photometry of normal and active galaxies and galaxies in Voids are carry out and the large scale structures in the Universe is studied.. Disk profiles and  starformation in galaxies are investigated. Structures of galaxies and clusters of galaxies are searched.
        Extragalactic Astronomy - The field that deals with objects beyond the Milky Way, especially galaxies and quasars.
        Extragalactic Distance Scale - The set of distances to astronomical objects outside our galaxy. It is difficult to obtain distances to objects further than about 10 million light years with accuracies better than about 25%.

Active Galactic Nucleus - AGN -- An unusually bright galactic nucleus whose light is not due to starlight. Active Galaxy - Any galaxy which is emitting large quantities of non-thermal radiation. (b) Active galactic nuclei are very luminous (10^43-10^46 ergs s-1). Their energy output is in two forms: nonthermal continuum and thermal emission line. Astrophysics - (a) The science that studies the physics and chemistry of extraterrestrial objects. The alliance of physics and astronomy, which began with the advent of spectroscopy, made it possible to investigate what celestial objects are and not just where they are. (b) All applications of the laws of physics, chemistry and the other physical sciences to the understanding of astronomical phenomena.

M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy, a stunning spiral in the constellation Canes Venatici.

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  • International cooperation - Germany, Russia, Italy, France etc.
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